Room Makeover: Basement Refinishing on a Budget

The holidays are fast approaching. Whether you live in a land of neverending winter, or have warm days and sun year-round (lucky you!), it’s always a good time to update your basement. The extra space is great for holiday gatherings and game day parties. But how do you make the upgrades without completely blowing your Christmas budget?

We have a few suggestions for surefire ways you can improve this often under-used area of your home without breaking the bank.

Go Dark

Believe it or not, one of the tricks-of-the-trade for making basements look larger is spraying the ceiling with black paint. It may sound counterintuitive, but the dark color actually brings a stunning uniformity to the room. It also hides flaws well and creates a finished look. You can rent the sprayer yourself to save on hiring a painter. Be careful, though: black paint will ONLY look good on the ceiling. Make this part of the project the first thing you do and cover the walls and floors well.

You can see some terrific examples of black ceilings on Pinterest.

Recessed Lights: Basement Refinishing on a BudgetAdd Light

Adding a few well-placed recessed lights can completely transform a basement that doesn’t get much (or any) natural light. You can put them on a dimmer for movie nights or light them at full blast for daytime hangouts.

Add Warmth with Carpet

A simple investment that makes possibly the biggest impact is the addition of wall-to-wall carpeting. Not only does it add actual warmth, but it streamlines the entire room to make it look way more finished than it is. Even if the walls are concrete (and we have a tip for those, too), your basement will look pulled together instead of like an afterthought. For the best savings, find a remnant carpet from a local dealer and install it yourself.

Add Charm with Small, Inexpensive Touches

When it comes to home improvement, it’s the little things that count. Hate your concrete walls but don’t want to drywall the room? Grab a light paint color and paint away. Feel like the room is too small? Add some well-placed mirrors to give the illusion of more space. Put your favorite pictures on the walls, grab a few colorful pillows and a cozy throw blanket. You’re all set! These finishing touches will transform your basement into a bright and comfy retreat.

Wes Westcott
Wes Westcott
Wes Westcott is an entrepreneur, Baltimore sports fan, and Canadian ex-pat. He is currently a partner at Elevate Design Build, a leading home improvement company in Maryland.

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