Carpet Conversation: Solutions for Allergy-Sufferers


Solutions for Allergy-Sufferers

It’s cold and windy here in Maryland. The weather reports are all calling for Snowpocalypse 2016. Families are donning their slippers and fuzzy sweaters and buying out grocery stores of all their french toast ingredients (gotta have that bread, milk, and eggs!).

While it’s harder each day to get out from under the warm covers in the morning, it’s nice to set foot onto a warm carpet as opposed to a cold floor. It’s the little things sometimes.

Carpeting has had its share of bad press.

Allergy sufferers are commonly advised by doctors and — you know — the internet to tear out their carpet and padding in exchange for hardwood floors to soothe their sneezes. But is carpet really all that bad?

This study by Shaw Floors sought to debunk the “carpet breeds allergens” assumption. They provided some well-researched evidence that carpeting actually “traps” allergens so that they are not circulating in the air. Instead, they are held in proverbial purgatory by carpet fibers until they’re vacuumed up. (A further look into their findings can be found here).


Thankfully, there are some great products out there that go way beyond your typical boxstore carpet. These manufacturers offer carpeting that takes those who suffer with allergies (or lean towards natural products) into consideration:

Nature’s Carpet is all natural, eco-friendly, and is the carpet of choice for the Tonight Show (what?!).

Mohawk has a very impressive “Healthy Home Certified” program that puts their carpeting to the ultimate test by numerous third-party organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency. We like their commitment to transparency and product excellence.

Green Building Supply offers wall-to-wall wool carpet at competitive prices with sustainability in mind.

So, the good news? If you’re ripping out that carpet it doesn’t mean you’re destined for cold bedroom floors. Maybe one of these alternative carpet solutions will be right for your home.



Wes Westcott
Wes Westcott
Wes Westcott is an entrepreneur, Baltimore sports fan, and Canadian ex-pat. He is currently a partner at Elevate Design Build, a leading home improvement company in Maryland.

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