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If there is one thing you should know about ELEVATE, it’s that we want to be different. We want to make a mark on the construction industry. We value “old school” principles like quality, reliability, and integrity, and hold them as the foundational blueprint for how we do things. But we are equally passionate about bridging the gap between the way things have been done and the way things CAN be done. Our eye is on the future, and we are committed to being active participants in ushering it into this industry.

Our in-house 3-D architectural designs do just that. Blending modern technology with the highest of standards, we provide our clients a tangible picture of the finished product before we lay the first brick. Each design is unique to YOU – your style, tastes and priorities take center stage as we collaborate on what would make you happy. And then we build it – just like that.

Client Testimonials

“Great value and fantastic job! Will use them again for future projects.”

“They went above and beyond. We were left with a warm and inviting space and get compliments from all that see it. The attention to detail was exceptional and they answered all our questions and concerns with a great level of professionalism. Great work, and we will be hiring them again when the time arises!”

“The quality of work, craftsmanship and project management took the pressure off of me and enabled me to trust the process. Elevate Design Build worked hard to work within my budget and in the end, I don't feel I compromised anything in terms of quality. I have a few more projects in mind and will be calling them back when the time comes. Thanks!”

“Every day we use the wonderful addition you built. All of our friends and relatives have loved it and have admired your taste and work.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the quality, value, and pleasant process you provided throughout my bathroom and sunroom building projects. By providing such expertise and attention to detail, you completely eliminated the stress and worry people usually experience with such projects.”

“They really understood what we wanted.  The design was great and we will do business with them again…”

“Wes is awesome and is a perfectionist.  He was on-site and readily available to answer all questions.  He provided ideas and suggestions for both functionality and visual appeal.  Every member of the team was as dedicated as he was to making our project perfect.  We would use them again for any additional project.”

“It was high-quality work and well worth it.  The customer service was excellent, very personalized, and everything was done on time.  If any problems came up, they took care of them and made sure it was still done on time.”

“Entirely and completely satisfied.  They went above and beyond.  I would hire them any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

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